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Meet the Founder of Swatt Data

Image Source: A Bit Cryptic Ep. 17 Show Notes

In the latest episode of the A Bit Cryptic Podcast, Jeff Peterson and Alain Leon interview Marshall Swatt, founder and CEO of Swatt Data.

The interview provides a great introduction to why Marshall decided to get to work on his latest venture and found Swatt Data.

Want to know more of his thoughts on the industry? Want to know more about the vision for Swatt Data? We'll be posting a Q&A with Marshall soon.

What other questions would you like to ask Marshall?

Leave a comment below or tweet at us and we'll incorporate them into the forthcoming Q&A post.

Swatt Exchange

Swatt Exchange

We are a US-based, licensed exchange for institutional investors involved in blockchain-based instruments.

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Meet the Founder of Swatt Data
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